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Senior Staff Profile

Paul Kini


Paul Kini serves as the Founder and CEO of the Beautiful Life Group. Originally from Kumasi, Ghana, where he worked as a sales executive and later as a Regional Manager for AfricaOnline, Paul moved to the United States to further his education. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bellevue University, where he also completed his undergraduate studies.

Throughout his diverse professional journey, Paul has accumulated comprehensive expertise in management, sales, and finance, complemented by strong technical and commercial savvy. His track record of accomplishments speaks volumes about his capabilities. Highly adaptable, Paul thrives in culturally diverse settings, adhering to core principles of integrity, transparency, trust, and open communication in both his personal and professional life. His work philosophy centers on embracing challenges as opportunities for continuous improvement and transforming disorder into organization.

Equipped with the skills to influence key stakeholders—from executives to technical experts—Paul is a natural leader who assumes responsibility for projects from inception to completion. He has the ability to seamlessly collaborate with individuals across various departments, organizations, and industries. Leveraging his passion and purpose, Paul founded Beautiful Life in 2014 with just one client. The company has since flourished, boasting a team of 43 employees and generating millions in annual revenue.

Paul aims to channel his talents, time, and energy into expanding Beautiful Life Adult Care, with the vision of elevating it into one of the country’s premier healthcare organizations.

A lady wearing purple jacket posing

Gayle L. Kini

Director of Special Operations

Gayle L. Kini, the Director of Special Operations at Beautiful Life Group, is renowned for her exceptional problem-solving skills and hands-on approach. Her path to this role is defined by a diverse and impressive career.

Initially, Gayle worked as an assistant manager, later becoming a manager at Victoria’s Secret, a well-known lingerie retailer. Her prowess in retail management further shone when she assumed the role of manager at Soma, a women’s clothing store specializing in intimate apparel.

At Beautiful Life, Gayle’s capacity to multitask and tackle challenging situations has rendered her an invaluable asset. Known as the go-to person for difficult circumstances, she has played a pivotal role in navigating the company through various operational challenges.

During her personal time, Gayle engages in her children’s academic and extracurricular activities.

Matthew Sharp's Picture

Matthew Sharp

Human Resource Manager

Matthew Sharp serves as the Human Resource Manager at Beautiful Life Group, a role he fills with extensive knowledge and expertise.

With a solid educational foundation from the

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Matthew has carved a notable path in the HR field. His career spans various significant roles, including HR Manager, generalist, and recruiter. He recently made his mark as a Recruiting Manager for a Fortune 500 company, leading a team of five recruiters with commendable skill.

Although early in his career, Matthew’s experiences have already provided him with deep insights, particularly in recognizing the crucial role of employees in an organization’s success.

Matthew’s open-door policy highlights his readiness to engage in conversations about human resources, Beautiful Life Group’s operations, or a shared passion for football, with a special nod to Cornhusker fans. His eagerness to connect with others and his personable nature demonstrate his dedication not just to his professional responsibilities, but also to fostering strong, positive connections in the workplace.

A professional man in black suit standing.

Edi Anthony

RN-BSN Administrator

Edi Anthony is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with over 15 years of extensive experience in diverse healthcare settings. His journey in healthcare commenced in 2004 as a Nursing Assistant, progressing to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) role at CHI Health Immanuel in 2008. Edi swiftly transitioned to the position of Registered Nurse (RN) in Rehabilitation and subsequently served as an Intensive Care Unit staff nurse in 2010.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment to excellence, Edi embarked on various opportunities throughout his career, including roles as an ICU nurse traveler at esteemed healthcare institutions across the nation. Noteworthy locations include Mayo Clinic St Mary’s in Rochester, MN, Carle Memorial Hospital in Olney, IL, St Francis Medical Center in Grand Island, NE, and St Elizabeth Medical Center in Lincoln, NE.

Edi’s dedication to delivering high-quality care is reflected in his educational accomplishments. He obtained an Associate of Science in Nursing from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha in 2009, followed by the successful pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Nebraska Wesleyan University, graduating in May 2011. Currently, he is advancing his education with a focus on a master’s degree in public health.

Excited to embark on a new professional chapter, Edi Anthony assumes the role of Administrator at Beautiful Life Adult Center. His commitment to patient advocacy, personalized care, and the cultivation of a culture of quality seamlessly aligns with the center’s mission. Edi eagerly anticipates contributing his wealth of skills and experience to create a nurturing environment that enhances the lives of the center’s clients.

For inquiries, Edi can be contacted at edi.anthony@beautifullifegroup.com or by phone at 531-444-1752.

Patricia Arthur

Manager Transportation

Patricia Arthur is currently the Transportation Manager at Beautiful Life Medical Transport, a division of the Beautiful Life Group. Her journey with the organization began in a heartwarming role as a caregiver at Beautiful Life Home Care, another key segment of the Beautiful Life Group. Patricia’s dedication and tenacity quickly shone through in this capacity, where she earned widespread admiration from every client she served.

Her exceptional work ethic and commitment led to a transition within the company, moving her talents to Beautiful Life Medical Transport. Starting as a dispatcher, Patricia’s remarkable abilities were soon recognized, leading to her promotion to the role of Chief Dispatcher. In this role, she not only excelled but also played a pivotal part in driving the department’s growth and efficiency.

Patricia’s journey is a testament to her dedication and hard work. After years of diligently serving in various roles and making significant contributions, she has now ascended to the position of Transportation Manager. In this capacity, she oversees the operations and development of Beautiful Life Medical Transport, ensuring excellence and quality in every facet of the service.

Renowned for her hardworking nature, dedication, and devotion to the wellbeing of the Beautiful Life Group, Patricia is a beloved figure within the organization. Her journey from caregiver to the managerial role is a source of inspiration, showcasing her unwavering commitment and the profound impact she has had on the company. Patricia Arthur is not just a manager but a beacon of hard work and dedication, embodying the values and spirit of the Beautiful Life Group.

Camrynn Buckner

Activities Director- Senior Unit

Camrynn Buckner, a vibrant and dedicated professional, serves as the Director of Activities for the Senior Unit at Beautiful Life Adult Center. Born and raised in Papillion, Nebraska, Camrynn has a lifelong connection to the region and now resides in the historic Old Market area of downtown Omaha.

From a young age, Camrynn displayed a natural inclination towards the care and enrichment of others, a trait she attributes to her early experiences helping her mother with activities at an assisted living facility. This early exposure to the world of caregiving ignited a passion in Camrynn, leading her down a path dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors.

At just 16 years old, Camrynn began her professional journey in the industry as an assistant in a memory care facility. This role was more than just a job; it was a formative experience that deepened her understanding and love for working with the elderly, especially those requiring specialized memory care.

Outside of her professional life, Camrynn is an avid explorer of life’s simple joys. She has a penchant for thrift shopping, uncovering unique and interesting items that tell a story. Her love for her city is evident in her frequent walks through downtown Omaha, an activity that allows her to immerse herself in the city’s vibrant culture. Camrynn also enjoys the culinary diversity of Omaha, frequently trying out different restaurants and savoring the plethora of flavors they offer.

At home, Camrynn finds joy and companionship with her cat, Miso. This furry friend adds a touch of warmth and playfulness to her life, reflecting her nurturing and caring personality.

In her role at Beautiful Life Adult Center, Camrynn brings a combination of professional expertise, genuine passion, and a warm, engaging personality. She is committed to creating a dynamic and fulfilling environment for the seniors in the unit, ensuring that each day is filled with engaging activities that not only entertain but also promote wellbeing and a sense of community. Camrynn’s approach is centered on making beautiful memories together, fostering an atmosphere of joy, inclusivity, and belonging.

Camrynn Buckner’s journey from a young helper at an assisted living facility to the Director of Activities at Beautiful Life Adult Center is a testament to her dedication and love for enhancing the lives of the elderly. Her role goes beyond organizing activities; she is a key figure in creating a vibrant, nurturing, and enjoyable environment for the seniors in her care.

Emily's Picture

Emily Malotte

Director of Activities, Young Adult Unit

Emily Malotte is a dedicated and compassionate Activities Director at Beautiful Life Adult Center, focusing on the Young Adult Unit. Her journey in the field of special education and activities coordination began in her high school years. Serving as a peer aide in a life skills math class, Emily discovered her calling. She had always envisioned a future in teaching, but it was this experience that steered her towards special education, a field she grew to love deeply.

Her academic journey led her to Northwest Missouri State, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Special Education, encompassing kindergarten through twelfth grade, alongside Elementary Education. 

Emily’s passion for teaching was further ignited during her student teaching phase, where she had the opportunity to teach in a secondary life skills program. This experience was instrumental in her developing a love for teaching vocational skills, finding immense fulfillment in helping individuals discover their passions and develop new skills aimed at fostering independence and self-efficacy.

Following her undergraduate studies, Emily pursued further specialization by obtaining her master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Nebraska Omaha. After spending several enriching years in teaching, she is now excited to refocus her energies on life skills education, particularly for adults.

In her personal life, Emily cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones, often organizing game nights and dinner gatherings. She is an avid reader, enjoys exploring local makers markets and farmers markets, and loves spending playful moments with her dog, Loki.

As the Activities Director at Beautiful Life Adult Center, Emily brings her enthusiasm, expertise, and warm approach to the Young Adult Unit. She is passionate about creating a vibrant, supportive, and growth-centric environment for the adults she works with. Emily looks forward to a journey of mutual learning, growth, and the creation of lasting, joyous memories with the individuals in her care.

Jarnario McClurge


Jarnario McClurge, also fondly known as Chef Jar, is the esteemed Head Chef at Beautiful Life Adult Center, where his culinary expertise and passion for global cuisines bring a unique and delightful dining experience to the residents.

Chef Jarnario embarked on his culinary journey at Metropolitan Community College, where he honed his skills and nurtured his love for cooking. After graduating, he set out to explore the world, determined to learn and master traditional cuisines from various cultures. His culinary adventures took him to places as diverse as Italy and the Hawaiian Islands, each destination enriching his palate and expertise with their distinctive flavors and cooking techniques.

His travels were not just about learning new recipes; they were a deep dive into the food cultures of the world. Chef Jarnario believes in the importance of high-quality dishes that not only satisfy the taste buds but also respect and celebrate the cultural origins of the cuisine. This approach has guided him throughout his career, allowing him to create meals that are not just nourishing but also culturally enriching.

With a career spanning over a decade, Chef Jarnario has seen and accomplished much in the culinary world. His experiences have reinforced his belief that learning in the culinary industry is an endless journey. He brings this philosophy to Beautiful Life Adult Center, where he leads the culinary team with a commitment to continuous learning, loving, and embracing of diverse cultural cuisines.

Chef Jarnario’s presence at Beautiful Life is more than just about providing meals; it’s about creating an atmosphere of joy and cultural appreciation. He understands that great food is a crucial element in fostering great smiles and a sense of community among the residents. Under his guidance, the culinary experiences at Beautiful Life Adult Center are not just about sustenance, but about celebrating life, culture, and the joy of eating.

Chef Jarnario McClurge, with his extensive travel, deep respect for global cuisines, and a decade of rich experience, brings a unique culinary flair to Beautiful Life Adult Center. He continues to inspire and delight residents with his delicious creations and his passion for culinary excellence and cultural exploration.